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terribleminds.com - Flash Fiction Challenge: The Wheel, Part Two


Now, this is not the first competition I have entered, but the first I have put up on-line; for all to see.


Not only that, I had to set up a webpage to do it; I digress.


The competition, set by Chuck Wendig at terribleminds.com, is a challenge of Flash Fiction.


Chuck braves writers to provide 1,000 words using a set of parameters randomly selected, via a random number generator, a great way to force one's hand with various categories.


My randomly generated parameters were as follows:


Subgenre: 3. Wuxia

Conflict: 2. Need to hide a body!

Must feature: 7. A suitcase of money.


The result is here.

More to follow...


I promise, I will add more attempts at writing soon and replace the strange coffee bean image with something more interesting...

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