M E Lucas. Author, of sorts. . .

Writing, coffee, writing. Then, some more coffee.

You're very welcome to my new website.


It's all a bit new and there's not much here at the moment, however, bare with me and more will appear real soon. I've taken up writing, a little late in life I know, but to be honest I'm really enjoying the creativity that it affords me. Please ignore the coffee image references, I'll be changing them.


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Who am I?

A budding writer, not my initial chosen career, but hey! We can all change or minds once in a while, so I write.


Along with being an architect, having three children and a wife who keeps me in check on a regular basis...More

Current Workload

Very short story, titled "The Gene Collector."


Radio Script Competition, titled "Criminal Spirit".


Ongoing first novel, just over halfway; possibly, titled "The Second Coming".

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